What Gospel do I believe? Part 1

April 28, 2007

What Gospel do I believe? Part1
I became strongly against the” Prosperity “Gospel because I have seen the fruits of this teaching both in my own life and others and the church’s: It results individualism, a greedy church, misjudgement; sometimes people measure that the most spiritual people are the people who have a big wealth, it creates a sense of guilty to those who don’t get it. And many people end to serve Mammon than the Living God. But I have found that there is a divine revelation of God’s desire to bless His people in every way , including financially. The issue of blessing can be seen at the first covenant of God with Abraham. :
Genesis 12:2 – I will bless you.
Genesis 12:3 – In you all the families of the earth will be blessed.
We are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others. That’s the Gospel which I believe: The Gospel of “Generosity” The issue here is the intention of the heart. We desire to be blessed IN ORDER TO bless others. That’s the core of the Christ- centered Gospel. God loved and gave us His Son, so we do so..
Every blessing of God also contains its own temptation and the moral test to steward it properly. Solomon was blessed financially, but in the end, he was lured away from the Lord.
[Notice that in this passage the financial blessing of God is connected to the restoration of Israel (Genesis 12:1 – “Go to a land which I will show you.”) and to world evangelism (verse 3 – “All the families of the earth”).]
There is a perfect balance to the word of God (a two edged sword). If we want the blessing without desiring the godly character to steward it , we won’t be aware of the danger of greed. Greed is so dangerous that it can result in someone going to hell (Luke 12:16-21, Luke 16:19-26). The problem is not so much in what is preached by “prosperity” teachers, but in what they are not teaching. If we teach just half a message, even if it is true, then it becomes misleading because it appeal to the lusts of this world and people will ultimately become indulgent.
However, if we do not teach God’s will to prosper, the people will remain largely unfruitful and unbelieving. Myself , I need blessings.
Jesus teaching is stunningly balanced and stunningly simple: Luke 6:38 – Give and it will be given to you. This is an example of “measure opposite measure,” the law of equal action and reaction.
Integrity includes hard work and honesty. Integrity demands paying taxes. If we are to pay all our taxes, give decent wages to our employees, provide for our children’s education, we will quickly find that we need a lot more money than we ever imagined. Therefore, integrity demands prosperity.
If we want to help the poor, strengthen the body of Christ, and spread the gospel, we will need even more provision. Thus generosity also demands prosperity.


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