What Gospel do I believe Part 2

What Gospel do I believe What Gospel do I believe? Part 2
As a conclusion of the part 1 of this article I would say:

Prosperity – Generosity = Greed . I am from the part of the world which called the Third world where the majority of people even Christians live in an extreme poverty and this very popular “prosperity “Gospel seems to give people hope and faith to get out of their misery and some Christians believe that they just need to “confess” that they are rich so they will become.They even sometimes claim that they serve the same God whom their brothers and sisters in the west serve so they claim before God their “right” . So these Christians always staying on position to become rich , If we are seeking God’s hands but not God’s face , we will be struggling. I believe that each one of us have something to share, to give away , to bless others like the widow, she was generous in her heart and God didn’t measure how much she gave but how much was left. .

Although, Jesus taught on the perfect balance of generosity and prosperity (Luke 6:38 above), He also taught that one is better than the other. Acts 20:35 – It is more blessed to give than to receive.
We will be judged, not by what we have, but by what we give (Luke 12:15; 21:3, Acts 10:4).

We are to give no thought to our own provision (Matthew 6:25) – that is worry; nor to our own prosperity (Romans 13:14) – that is greed. We are to be focused on bearing MUCH fruit for the kingdom of God (John 15:8) – that takes generosity; and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33) – that takes integrity.

Generosity is central to the plan of God. (John 3:16 – God so loved the world that He gave…) True faith in God will produce generosity of heart. Generosity may be seen both as character and as charisma.

Character means the personality qualities of God. We are to “give to all who ask (Luke 6:30),” so that we will become “sons of the Most High (Luke 6:35).” That is our reward – to be like Jesus. God has great generosity of heart. I want to be like Him. Therefore I want to develop generosity in all things, including finances.

Giving is also a charisma, a supernatural gift of the Holy Spirit. In speaking of financial giving, Paul said, “As you abound in faith, speech, knowledge, diligence and love, see that you abound in this grace (charisma) as well” – II Corinthians 8:7. So we are to grow in generosity as both a fruit and a gift of the Spirit.

Just as we are passionate to worship and share the word, so should we be passionate in our giving. We want to be like the “first century church.” In that community of faith, there was supernatural giving. Apostolic restoration will include apostolic generosity. (And the businessmen were as much a part of the kingdom ministry as the prophets and evangelists.)

Acts 4:34-35 – All who were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the proceeds of the things that were sold, and laid them at the apostles’ feet.

This money was used for the needs of the congregation and for the world mission. These saints understood their destiny together to change the entire world (remember Genesis 12). That vision was so exciting that people wanted to give everything to be part of it. The same fire of Pentecost , revival and world evangelism also made them “burn” with excitement to give. Their supernatural giving was “vision motivated.”

Let’s do generously something to make difference!


3 Responses to What Gospel do I believe Part 2

  1. tomavana says:

    >Let’s do generously something to make difference !

    Agree with you, it is also nothing more nor less than to redistribute what we have previously received from our Lord.

  2. RANDRIAMANANTSOA Zakarivola says:

    Hello, I am amazed about how God transmit to believers the knowledge of Himself.
    In my part, I believe in the gospel of Christ as being the Living Word of God, I mean, that God speaks to human beings through His Son Jesus Christ, and We are to Listen to Him. That is not at all in contradiction with your gospel, actually, these two are complementary, just as the right and left eyes and I am so pleased to find new brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

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