May God be gracious to us and bless us, and make His face to shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations”( Psalm 67:1-2 NIV)

In the begining, my ministry was focusing only to reach out to the Muslim people, but at the moment, the grace of God has entrusted me to coordinate and be involved in other tasks as well:

YESUAINI(Jesus loves you) Ministry

This ministry is targeting the Chinese people in Madagascar. The number of the Chinese immigrating in our island does not stop growing. I believe that God is allowing them to come here so that they will be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have heart to reach them out in their host’s country.Our first approach is called” Presence evangelism”, which means that any christians who are daily in direct contact with Chinese people through their jobs or business are called to be involved, another team is taking a “more agressive approach” in reaching out to them where they are.We use materials such as the Jesus film in chinese dialect, chinese praise and worship Cd’s etc…
Muslim outreach:
The Muslim people in Madagascar are for about 7% of the Malagasy population. Among them are the Comorian people from the Comoros, our neighbouring islamic Island where conversion to christianity is illegal. Among the 60000 Comorians in Madagascar, 5000 of them are studying at our universities or private institutes. We are focusing to reach them and our aim is to plant a Comorian church. God loves Muslim people.

( The Bible is not yet translated into Comorian dialect but the Jesus film is already available.)
The Malagasy people were one of the first people in Africa who received the Bible in our mother tongue, almost 200 years ago. The Light of the Gospel has been shining in our Island for many years but we have missed out on taking this Light to other nations even to our neighbours. My ministry as a mobilizer has a goal to help the Malagasy church to be aware of missions, to catch God’s big picture for the nations and obey it in taking the responsability to share the blessings.

We have a monthly radio program.It is a program aiming to mobilize the listners to pray for the nations and suffering church.

“The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity.” — Mike Stachura
“Missions is not the ‘ministry of choice’ for a few hyperactive Christians in the church. Missions is the purpose of the church.” – Unknown
“A congregation that is not deeply and earnestly involved in the worldwide proclamation of the gospel does not understand the nature of salvation.” — Ted Engstrom, World Vision
“The Church must send or the church will end.” — Mendell Taylor

House of prayer:


All of our visions and dreams will remain a dry bones without prayers, yet we don’t pray so that we can do great work but we believe that prayer is the great work. We desperately need the presence of God for us to go to the battle and to subdue cities and nations.

We are starting a wave of prayers: Individuals or different prayer groups are standing on the gap interceding for lost souls, for the awakening of the church.

We hope that like in the Leviticus 6:13, Prayer warriors will raise up as a watchmen and women so that the” …fire shall be kept continually burning on the altar, it is not to go out”

A part of our prayer radio program , we are editing a bimonthly prayer letter which we send out to Christians from different congregations.

“We can reach our world, if we will. The greatest lack today is not people or funds. The greatest need is prayer.” — Wesley Duewel, head of OMS International

“The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest” — Luke 10:2 (New King version)

Youth Night prayer meeting for the nations and the suffering church (Shockwave 2007)




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