Outreach to Madagascar

“I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong, that is , that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” Romans1:11-12

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work and live among people from cultures that are totally different from your own? There are many opportunities which surely are life-changing short-term outreaches in Madagascar.

What is an Outreach to Madagascar?

“The aim of the outreaches is a mutual encouragement and edification it is also to support the existence work in Madagascar and at the same time give Christians from both sides the opportunity to minister cross-culturally and experiencing the unity as part of the global church.
Outreaches are evangelical projects ranging from a few days up to three months undertaken by groups of Christian volunteers. A group, family or church.
Depending on the nature and goals of a specific outreach, activities may focus on evangelism, children’s or youth ministry, leadership training or practical/technical work or mobilization.

What do we do on a Short-term Outreach?

Depending on the specific goals and area of an outreach, activities may vary from conventional preaching, outreach among different people group (Chinese, Muslim, campus ministry…), personal testimonies, dramas and mimes, street evangelism, sport tournaments and leadership seminars, it can be a ministry in the inner city or in a remote village.
Of course, the team member’s own experience, training, ministry passion, spiritual gifts, and background can help determine certain activities during an outreach.
Who can come?
Christians, who can testify to being born-again into a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.


Although individuals with specialized skills and ministry experience is utilized for specific tasks (e.g. teaching, leadership development etc), no previous training or experience is generally required. However, due to the specific and sometimes extreme challenges of some outreaches (such as penetrating deep into the remote mountains of Madagascar’s East Coast by foot), specific requirements (such as physical fitness) may apply to be considered for some outreaches.

In general however, apart from knowing Christ personally, the following “assets” or abilities are what we looking for in team-members:


  • Having a heart or burden for those who do not know the love and salvation that Jesus Christ offers;
  • Being willing to adapt to different and sometimes very difficult circumstances (physically, mentally and even spiritually)!
  • Being willing to sacrifice personal luxuries (often including hot water, soft beds and what most people regard as a “good meal”);
  • Having a “servant-attitude” towards other people (both Christians and non-Christians);
  • Being part of a congregation, home-cell or other group that can provide prayer-support to the individual and team before, during and after the outreach;
  • Being in generally good health and physical condition (for all outreaches) and sometimes being extremely fit (for specific deep-penetration outreaches to remote areas)
  • Taking responsibility to provide or raise the necessary finances to cover his own membership-fees and all expenses for an outreach

Make a plan now and do something.


  1. Pray: . In the Kingdom of God, NOTHING happens without prayer.
  2. Come and join us!

    Any Individuals, family or groups who are interested to come for these life-changing experiences are welcome to contact through our contact details..
    The challenges Ahead
    In spite of regular natural disasters, inadequate infrastructure and political turmoil, I am very excited about the progress in Madagascar. God is raising up His body in the Island, it’s time of the awakening and yet you could be one of God’s instruments to make something more exciting happen in His Kingdom.
    Even if you plan to come for holiday, keep in mind and heart to glorify Christ in everything and to be a blessing to others.


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